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Even more happening all weekend; well, it is biggest freestyle competition on the planet.
The Big Feast
Saturday 20:30 – 2310, in the marquee.

How often do you get chance to share some off-the-water time with your paddling buddies? You might not even know what they look like out of their paddling kit!

The Big Feast is our evening get-together where we get to share a meal and entertainment with 200+ of our paddling friends.

Delicious food, amazing company and cracking entertainment make this a night not to miss.

Food will be served at 20:30 and the Peoples Champion Awards will commence at 21:45. The evening wraps up at 2310.

The Big Feast is not just for paddlers. Many friends and family attend and enjoy the evening. Tickets can be purchased through our online booking.

Limited to 200 people

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The Peoples Champions Awards
Saturday evening at Grand Feast

New for 2020 are the Peoples Champions Awards. With no categories and no classes these awards are all about what you noticed out there this year. Maybe it was skill, or perhaps it was humility or maybe just smiling.

All you need to do is nominate someone by writing a short paragraph (under 200 words) saying how come you think they should be noticed.

At the H31 festival we will have sorted all those into a shortlist of nominations. A short presentation will be made on each of the candidates and then the magic starts as we use tech to let our live audience vote on who will win the award.

Noooooo, you won’t need to make the presentation – we do that and you will need your phone with you.

To nominate someone for these awards, send an email to

Remember, anyone can win, these are about noticing good stuff and providing positive recognition for it.

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Food and drink in the marquee
Open Saturday and Sunday, 07:30 – 17:30, for breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks

Our food outlet is located inside the heated marquee and offers great-value, high-quality hot drinks, snacks and more substantial meals.

We now offer the chance to pre-book breakfast from 07:30, Saturday and Sunday. Reserve via our online booking system, and it will be ready for you when you arrive.

Massage and physiotherapy
Open Sessions on Saturday 13:00 – 16:30 and Sunday 11:00 – 16:30, taking place in the main marquee.

We have a ton of activity choices and if you throw yourself into them, then you will be tired! To help support you with doing everything we have Team GB physiotherapists and the sport massage team on hand to provide free drop-in sessions.
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COLBAB (Come on, let’s boat & board)
Open sessions 07:00 – 0745 Saturday and Sunday, taking place on the wave and in the eddy.

When you come to a festival, you rarely get chance to try the kit and coaching on offer but at the Hurley31, you absolutely can. You can tap into great advice from top international coaches — these guys have coached national teams and top-flight athletes, all over the world.

You can also get a demo from one of the boat and board companies. Just go to the manufacturer whose boat or board you want to try, and they will sort out a demo for you.
This opportunity is open to all, but it is likely to be popular, so limited places and maximum ride times may be put in place.

Workshops, trade stands and competitions
Over the weekend whilst the competition is going on, we have all sorts of non-water-based activities and opportunities in the trade village and marquee:

All-Weekend Demos and Displays

Wave Sport Kayaks – advice and demos available
Pyranha Kayaks — advice and demos available
Surfplugs — advice and onsite plug moulding
EXO Kayaks — advice and demos available
Dewerstone — advice, demos and shop
McConks SUP — advice and demos available
NRS — advice and demos available
Jackson Kayak — advice and demos available
Dagger Kayaks — advice and demos available
KJO Burners Youth Freestyle Programme — advice and product recommendations
European Whitewater School — advice and product recommendations
WWTCC other boat and equipment brands — advice, demos and shop.
British Canoeing — advice and recommendations

All-weekend competitions

WWTCC Paddle Sports Quiz — Think you know something about boating or have a nose to find stuff out? If the answer is “Yes” then this will be right up your street.
Palm Photo Comp — Submit photos in three categories.
1. Old Skool Classic.
2. Makes me Laugh.
3. A Thing of Beauty.
McConks Mega Board Challenge.
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Saturday Sunday During the days 11 - 3

Fancy winning some prizes and helping the Hurley Foundation with getting kids that would not normally get the chance into our awesome sports? All you got to do is buy a ticket and if it has a 5 or 0 on it then you win the prize with the ticket number.

Free tickets? Yep we have those. For every class you enter you get a free voucher for the tombola. If you enter just the Classic its one ticket, if you enter the Classic and Rough Waters, its 2 and so on.
Prizes are small and HUGE
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Camping and accommodation
Camping is available on the Environment Agency’s island adjacent to Hurley Weir. Camping is £8 per person per night. Camping can be accessed from Thursday night, with the site being cleared on Sunday. There are showers and toilets on the campsite.

The campsite is easier to access from the Hurley Village side of the weir. Historically, we have had parking issues with locals complaining that we take all the space. This is especially bad on Sunday mornings, when the church is in use. Please be respectful of these problems and do your best to help in maintaining a positive relationship, perhaps by parking on the SAS side on Sunday.

Please do not camp in the Hurley Village car park or the Hurley Riverside parking area.

Please note: There is no vehicular access to the camping island. It is a 200 metre walk from the carpark.

Marlow is the closest town for hotels, but they do tend to be more expensive:

Crowne Plaza is an upmarket hotel base a few miles from Hurley. If you’re a BC member, you can use your membership to get a discount here.

Premier Inn is a good clean hotel which normally is at the economy end of hotels but this one is in Marlow so you pay a premium.
Travelodge is a basic but brand-new hotel. The rooms are clean and have a shower room and toilet. Normally there are two beds and a sofa bed in the rooms.

Maidenhead is a little further away (15 minutes’ drive) but offers two more economical hotels:

Holiday Inn is a mid-range hotel. The rooms have a shower, toilet. There is a gym, and swimming pool and a restaurant with a large meeting area.

Travelodge is a basic hotel. The rooms are clean and have a shower room and toilet. Normally there are two beds and a sofa bed in the rooms.

Premier Inn Maidenhead is quite similar to the Travelodge but a little newer.

Other nearby towns include High Wycombe and Henley, and slightly further away is Reading.

Remember if you ask, very often the local paddling community will try and find space in their own homes for paddlers coming from outside the UK.
Classic memorabilia
Mug — Fancy one of the Hurley31 mugs? Well it’s a lovely mug, it’s got the year-specific Classic logo on and if you pre-book, we can also add your name! Even better, you get 25p back in our café every time you use it! The Mugs are £5 or £6.50 on the day.

NEW FOR 2020 – in line with our environmental policy for 2020 you can bring back your mug from previous years and use that to enjoy the same discount. Also, at your own risk we can print a small 31 on your mug (if the mugs get any chips or splits the printing process may break them). Over the next few years keep adding the numbers and you may win a prize for your environmental efforts.

T-shirts — Most classes of competition at the event come with a free Dewerstone T-shirt. If you want another or are not competing, they cost £12.50. We don’t post out anymore, so if you’re not coming and want the t-shirt, you’ll need to sort out with a friend to pick one up for you. T-shirts come in a range of sizes, for men, women and children.

Hoodies — we have our H31 Hoodies. These high-quality Dewerstone hoodies with a unique Hurley31 are super popular. They come in various colours, and a range of sizes, for men, women and children. Hoodies costs £30.

Please collect between 11:00 and 15:00 from the event office on either event day. If you are a competitor, your items will be placed in your event pack.
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