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A new event from the past.
Relive the memories in a classic design.
Presented by Pyranha Kayaks
19:30 - 20:30 on Saturday

In this new event from the past, you choose the era:

Relive the memories in a classic design like the Sub-7, re-introduced to Pyranha’s line-up this year in their latest MZ3 plastic, with Stout outfitting and recycled production off-cuts in the iconic splashes.

Those with their minds on the future may prefer the modern design principles of a boat like the Ozone, including progressive rocker, dynamic edges, refined cockpit ergonomics, and smooth volume transitions…

Don’t worry if you miss out on the limited number of Sub 7 and Ozone demos available; so long as your boat is 6’10” or longer and you’re capable of using it to throw some classic shapes like cartwheels and tailees, you’re good to go!

Limited to 60 people so sign up quick!
You can do wave tricks as many times as you like and score every time. Yes, that’s right, if you want to do 100 cartwheels, you can!

However, variety is the spice of life, and each new move (including the same move in the opposite direction) multiplies your total score, i.e. if you score 30 for 5 tricks, your final total would be 30 x 5, equalling 150 points.

Each time you leave the wave and hit the eddy line, you can score bonus points by getting vertical; best move of the heat gets 150, and the rest score from thereon down to 10 points.
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