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An exciting concept that pushes paddlers to be boating together on the wave. It is a ton of fun that requires tactical and technical skills.
Teams are made up of three boaters.
Teams ONLY score points when all three paddlers are on the Hurley feature doing tricks (see note 1 for clarification on scoring tricks): 

Each paddler is scored for their tricks individually, and then these are added together to give a combined score.

The winning team will be the one with the most points. 

Suitable for all paddlers – get tactical as well as technical!

Limited to 20 teams
Note 1: Tricks scored to latest ICF appendices 

Note 2: All three paddlers are on Hurley together and scoring any ICF-defined move. Time starts when the first paddler starts a trick and continues until a paddler falls off the wave, the team stops or the team is deemed to be not setting up for more than five seconds. The longest time recorded for your team will be the one used as the multiplier. The exception on doing tricks is that each team can have one novice and the novice can be surfing the wave/hole at the same time as the other two team members are doing tricks. Having a novice in the team is not compulsory. 
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