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We have loads going on, so you can have fun, learn new stuff, compete and socialise. You’ll meet World Champions, internationals, locals and loads of people that share your energy.
At Hurley, we like everyone to have a go at as much activity as possible. We also enjoy a tremendous social scene so to entice everyone around those two aims here’s the H31 Bundle offers. With these if you sign up for a bunch of stuff you will enjoy a significant discount.
If you are under 18, you will need to get your parent or guardian to complete a form that is also available on our website. Once you have entered, you will need to complete online payment. Bookings are not confirmed until full payment is received.

Most of the activities at the event can only be entered by completing our online registration and payment. We do not accept entrants on the day unless there are exceptional circumstances. For some parts of the event we also have limited entry numbers. Availability is shown on the entry form and on our live web update, make sure you get registered ASAP to avoid disappointment.
Bib deposit
In line with our environmental ambition we try to reuse our bibs for as long as possible. Lost bibs hamper this ambition. To buy new bibs as one offs costs £15. To cover this cost, our time and a contribution to the planet you need to bring £25 / €25 CASH with you, for a deposit, when you sign in at the event. It will be returned to you when you give the bib back after completing your last event of the weekend. Bibs can be returned whenever the Event Office is open.

What happens if we cancel?
In the unlikely event that we cancel, all money will be refunded. You can keep up to date with all the news by following Hurley31 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where latest information is constantly published.

A final decision on the event running is always made at the latest on the Thursday before the competition by 20:00 hrs.
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